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Carbon footprint methodology certification


TRAM is a digital platform that rewards those who decide to take action to reduce carbon emissions

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How does it work?

TRAM.GLOBAL has received certification for “Validated Carbon Footprint Methodology” by AENOR, a leading European Union Certification Body, to enable companies to certify carbon measurements, monitoring and reductions by using TRAM’s Technology Platform.


For measuring their carbon emissions


For reducing their emissions against the baselines established by the performance certificate

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TRAM empowers people and companies to make every action count to reduce carbon emissions.

Behavior Change Solutions

Our solution based on technology integration has the potential to reduce nearly 1/3 of global emissions by catalyzing behavioral change and incentivizing better decisions in our daily activities.

Now companies for the first time have the opportunity to certify reductions based on their employees, partners, suppliers and even their customer’s behavioral change.

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